Up Close and Personal


This past week, we had the opportunity to do an event video for the Lakewood Community Food Fest presented by Speaker Anthony Rendon and his team.  Of course the food was fantastic, but this was also an opportunity for us to shoot with a lens that helps us create a more personal feel. 

Our Canon EF 100mm macro lens let us get in close, a great look for those beautiful food shots, but also fantastic for highlighting people.  

Check out the video below (and try not to be jealous of the tasty food we got to try).

Xin-min Lai

I started life as a web developer like any other, but I’ve since morphed into this business owner who dabbles in graphic stuff on the side.

My name is a conversation, apparently the face doesn’t match the Chinese-ness, but there it is.

Embrace the strange, but buy it dinner first.