Always Be Creating

There's a reason I for the quote I chose for the footer of this site: "Inspiration is for amateurs—the rest of us just show up and get to work."  Waiting for inspiration is a passive thing, and you leave yourself open to the fluctuations in your mood, your environment, etc.  That means it's not really something you can always count on, especially if your work is in a creative field.

"Getting to work" can be fun though, and just immersing yourself in your chosen profession, actively seeking and taking advantage of opportunities around you can lead to inspiration and creativity.  Building that mindset that's open to new experience, the skills and expertise to recognize what land in your lap waiting to be shaped, those take practice.  Doing the drills, the exercises, the little jobs in your pursuit of work is all a way of priming the creative pump.

Over the weekend, our media team took a job making one of those special occasion videos everyone wants when they graduate or whatever.  It was not a short drive to the venue, but these guys made the most of their time just by turning on the camera and seeing what happened.  What happened was new content  that we weren't expecting, just by having a camera guy who recognizes when NOT to turn off the camera, and of course the entrepreneur/videographer who's so at home in front of that camera that he can deliver a motivational speech off the top of his head.

No one asked them to do this extra content, and there wasn't a lightning bolt of "inspiration" that drove this - it's just about taking full advantage of what's already there to create something new.

Xin-min Lai

I started life as a web developer like any other, but I’ve since morphed into this business owner who dabbles in graphic stuff on the side.

My name is a conversation, apparently the face doesn’t match the Chinese-ness, but there it is.

Embrace the strange, but buy it dinner first.